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Queen Esther's Beauty Treatments


Queen Esther's Beauty Oils

Although the story of Esther (Hadassah) is one of courage and resolve. Hidden within the biblical text, it seems there is much more. Our heroine was selected from among many lovely young women of Persia. Her beauty that surpassed all needed to be both a timeless beauty, charm and poise as well as physical. Her king loved her more than all the other women.

Est 2:17 And the king loved Esther above all the women, and she rose in grace and favor in his sight more than all the virgins. And he set the royal crown on her head, and made her queen instead of Vashti.

To become queen from such humble beginnings is a spiritual journey that requires strength of character and fidelity. Her life story is one of willingness to sacrifice herself for her people which was remarkable. In our day this kind of sacrifice is not taught or promoted, but rather self expression and survival of the fittest. She is our shining example of exquisit beauty for today's queens and heroines.

Descriptions of each Esther's Beauty perfume/anointing oils and their significance are found below. They were created for each  Esther who is in training, to aid her on her own journey of  "Six months in the Oil of Myrrh and six months in perfumes".  We also have some oils which are planned and not completed those are coming soon look for them.

Description of Queen Esther's perfumed oils are listed on the following pages.

Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "NEXT" to find the scent and description you are interested in.

We use only the finest natural extracts, absolutes, essential oils, and raw material available today. In a time honored fashion similar to that of the ancient perfumers. The base oil used is fractionated coconut which has a 5 year shelf life unlike olive which has one year from it's creation (not from purchase).  

Below are the prices and size choices for our perfume oils custom designed especially for the Queen Esther in you.

Price for our signature botanical essence perfumes is

full sized $20.00 and half sized bottles $11.00 each.

This includes 15ml, placed in a beautiful gold lame bag and gift boxed.

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eb hadassah bot.psd.jpg


We created this perfume oil as a encouragement to all young Hadassah’s that have a date with God’s destiny. Hadassah, who as the story goes, has been brought into the king’s palace along with all the other young maidens. All together they embark on a journey for being prepared in one year to have their one opportunity to impress the king. Once her life was full of a young Jewesses hope to marry and raise a Jewish family, but now to become the wife of a heathen Persian King, who had no history or commitment to the living God of Israel.

Not only was her dreams to be a Jewish wife and mother gone but upon entering the king’s harem, she then faced the possibility of becoming just one of many, young girls, in his harem for the remainder of her life. Even her name was changed from Hadassah a Jewish name to Esther a Persian name to hide her identity.

How could she let go of her dreams and future, so that Jehovah could use her life to save her people. The answer: trust! Esther had to trust in the God of Israel and fully believe that this was His plan. She needed to have faith that He is and was completely mindful of her situation. In other words she had faith that made the impossible possible!

You may find yourself in the place of destiny, as Hadassah did or simply waiting for some sense of purpose. You also may hope for a seemingly impossible future given your current situation. You too are a dear one who, dares to dream, with her and believe in the promises made by an unseen God who created you “For such a time as this!” Always remember you are a daughter of destiny and your name is written upon Jesus our great King’s heart.

The fragrance of Hadassah has just a note of myrtle, myrrh, floral and lavender, sweet yet with a hint of mystery, just as the future always is.

Just a note the name Hadassah is drived from the word Hadas which translated means myrtle.

eb oil of myrrh bot.psd.jpg

Oil of Myrrh

" The story of myrrh begins with the name, which means tears falling and bitter, like the of death a loved one. We get a good idea of the significance of this oil. Speaking to us a message of hope. Calling Esther's everywhere to participate in the distillation of her character. As she allows the transforming and maturing process of the Holy Spirit (who is a type of eunuch) prepare her for her one night with the king.

As we see the softening of our fallen nature, symbolic of soaking in myrrh. Which is required for her one year of beauty treatments to be completed. In ancient times myrrh was used to soften hard dry cracked skin and restore it's suppleness. As you can see this softening is the work of the Holy Spirit in us. In our day a sort of Beauty treatments of the heart. In reality myrrh is about learning to love unselfishly.

"In the book "The Heavens Opened" and the "Priestly Bride" by Anna Rountree. She tells her own Esther story, a prophetic journey given to each of us the bride of Christ. Signifying that we are all individually invited into a holy romance with the "King of Kings". This love story belongs to the bride of Christ. Created in the heart of God, a revelation of the impassioned love toward is beloved creation.

It is the Lord who tells the story of His own aching heart. Longing  for the companion who will become like Him and the great sacrifice He is willing to go through to obtain this love and devotion..

"Our Myrrh is just that we make it our self it's scent is resinous and rich and definitely myrrh. 

Holiness of Heart and veilbot.psd.jpg

Holiness of Heart

"Holiness of Heart" begins with the interpretation of the two words cinnamon and cassia.  These two are similar but cassia was considered by the ancients to be an inferior or humbler spice. So we identify cassia with humility. Cinnamon refers to a spice that emits and odor identifying it with purity and holiness.

A sweet smelling savor to the Lord of the character and nature Jesus. Who was to come and the children God afterward. At that time the priest bore the burden of wearing the reminder of God's promised Son (Messiah) and adopted sons but never being able to enter into the fullness. 

Contains: Cinnamon and cassia in coconut oil.

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Lifting the Veil

"Lifting the Veil" is a prophetic journey we must each take with the Lord. This unveiling as it were is in reality a reversal or restoration process. We are to be restored or revived to what was lost in the first Adam by He who is called the last Adam. Our great King and Lord. As he lifts the veil so that we may see him we as a result see ourselves more clearly. The result is cleansing and purifying to make us ready for our wedding day.

"The name in Hebrew means to fall softly in drops and represents the way the Lord by His Spirit will tenderly, softly (if we allow it) remove the effects of slavery to this world and it's lusts. With truth and mercy His balm will restore our scarred and hardened heart. The main component in lifting the veil is styrax found also in the holy incense. We use styrax, vanilla, and amber the scent is  sweet vanilla like ordor.


Beauty Rest

"It occurred to me that we were created to be at peace. Most of what goes on around us is hectic, stressful, and pressured. This is not the chosen atmosphere for God's Esther's. Part of her inner beauty and what attracts her King is peaceful rest. When we are troubled it shows in our lives on our faces and can permeate everything we say and do.

So we created this oil to remind her that He gives His beloved rest. This oils scent is oriental, chypra, rich, sweet, citrus, floral, slightly sweet woodsy. Contains over 20 essential oils: ambrette, balsam, bergamont, blood orange, cleary sage, lemon,  pink lotus, and more.

eb perfumed bot.psd.jpg

Perfumed Presence

"Where ever Esther went she was veiled from head to toe in grace and favor. Like a perfumed incense permeates the surrounding air an intoxicatingly sweet waft of this fragrance followed her.  Creating the lasting imprint of her unforgettable beauty.

"Est 2:15And when the turn of Esther, the daughter of Abihail the uncle of Mordecai who had taken her for his daughter, had come to go in to the king, she asked nothing but what was chosen by Hegai the king's officer, the keeper of the women. And Esther had favor in the sight of all who looked on her.

"Our first thought when making this fragrance was "What would favor and grace smell like?". The only thing we could come up with was spring flowers, a beautiful garden in full bloom.

"One time the Lord said to me "You are a flower in full bloom, whos fragrance gives pleasure to my heart". So it made sense to create "Perfumed Presence" which is scented with spring flowers. She epitomizes the child of God who has been given grace and favor with both God and man. Contains: genuine fresh flower essences of , jasmine, daffodil, carnation, pink lotus and more light floral and fresh.

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